Article 101 (ex Article 104)

  1. Certifies which national legislation is applicable to the person named.
  2. Groups have to be made up of a minimum of 15 people.

Article 102 (ex Article 104a)

  1. a more precise delimitation of powers between the Union and the Member States;
  2. a key factor of stability and economic and social cohesion in the European Union.

Article 103 (ex Article 104b)

  1. if the subject matter of the utility model extends beyond the content of the application;
  2. cooperation between Member States and between Member States and the Commission;

Article 104 (ex Article 104c)

  1. Member States shall avoid excessive government deficits.
  2. the first head of claim, seeking annulment of the contested decision
    1. it is this alleged decision which forms the subject-matter of the present action.
      • objective reasons justifying the renewal of such contracts or relationships;
      • this last proposal has been withdrawn in 1993.
    2. meetings held in Brussels on 26 June.
    Reactivation of Maltas application for membership: intervention by the Italian delegation.
  3. purpose: to extend the mandate of the EDU to include the combating of trafficking in human beings.
  4. fruit and vegetables: proposal presented by the Commission.
  5. common positions adopted by the Council on 12 July.
  6. the Council reconfirmed the high priority it attached to the enlargement process.
    • improvement of citizens access to justice; review at the Tampere meeting.
    • reviewing other progress in developing the Union and its external relations;
  7. Moreover, it would help to fight efficiently against poverty and social exclusion.